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The Melbourne Baptist Chinese School was founded in 1988 by the Melbourne Chinese Baptist Church. The school is registered in the Victorian Education Department as a non-profit school. Melbourne Baptist Chinese School is also a VCAA approved single subject provider of VCE Chinese Second Language (CSL/CSLA Unit 1/2 and 3/4) since 2006. Our mission is to teach Chinese language and culture, establish the true meaning and values of life, as well as carry forward Christian faith and belief.

Education Highlights

  • Classes delivered under Cantonese, providing a familiar learning environment to students from Cantonese speaking background.
  • Emphasizing in the development of Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
  • Building up proficiency in English, Cantonese and Mandarin to serve as a foundation for future studies.
  • Fostering reading habit and enhancing Chinese comprehension capability with a comprehensive library
  • Organizing seminars and functions to aid school activities through Parents’ Association

Teachers Qualifications

All teachers and principal possess many years of experience and are fully trained professionals. Their passion to share knowledge is witnessed from dedication in class and after school preparation.

Classes and courses

  • Cantonese Class:Prep to Year 10(Advanced Chinese Study)
  • Mandarin Class:Pre-VCE,VCE Second Language (Unit 1 & 2, Unit 3 & 4) Exam classes
  • For details, see Curriculum


The school follows Victorian primary and secondary school system. There are 4 terms per year.

School starts:First Saturday of February every year

School hours:Every Saturdays 9:30AM – 12:30PM

School location:Kew East Primary School, 35 Kitchener Street, Kew East, 3102 (Melway 45 G3 | See map)

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本校由墨爾本華人浸信會主辦,創辦於 1988 年, 是維省政府認可的一所非牟利學校。本校已獲維省教育部正式批准成為合格教 授及評估VCE中文科(第二語言)之學校,並 於二零零六年開始保送學生考中文科第二 語言(CSL/CSLA Unit 1/2 及Unit3/4)。辦學宗旨為傳授中國語文及文化,弘揚基督真道,確立正確人生觀與價值觀。


  • 用粵語施教繁體字,讓以粵語為母語的學生能在熟悉的語言環境下更容易學習。
  • 著重聽、說、讀、寫各方面的語文技巧訓練。
  • 訓練學生通曉三語(英語、粵語、普通 話)、為將來繼續進修奠定良好基礎。
  • 自設中文圖書館培養學生良好閲讀習慣及提高學生之中文閱讀理解能力。
  • 設立家長會、舉辦講座、支持及配合學校各項活動,協力培育子女成長。
  • 班制原整,學生可在本校由預備班升讀至VCE考試班。免卻中途轉校之適應不便。




  • 粵語班:學前預備班 (prep) 至第十班(語文深進班)
  • 普通話班:VCE預備班,VCE 第二語言(Unit 1 & 2, Unit 3 & 4) 考試班
  • 詳情請查看班制介紹




上課時間:逢星期六 上午9:30 – 中午12:30

上課地點:Kew East Primary School, 35 Kitchener Street, Kew East, 3102 (Melway 45 G3 | 地圖)